The Event

The focus of the day will be to celebrate what it means to be a Nerdfighter with special guests, musical performances from Nerdfighters, sit down dinner and many different activities. Among other opportunities to support charitable causes, there will be a raffle with all proceeds going to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. Prizes include copies of An Imperial Affliction signed by John Green and cool Nerdfighter Art plus many other exciting prizes. Some of the Nerdfighter Art will also be available for purchase on a pay-what-you-want basis.

This year, there is going to be a live Art Assignment, a Sing-Along, a workout session à la ‘Fitness for Nerds’, an Open Mic segment in the evening, and lots of other awesome group activities.

Con for Awesome is going to be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Nerdfighteria and its relationship with AFC Wimbledon and to have a great time with fellow Nerdfighters, while simultaneously decreasing Worldsuck in various ways. Check our homepage for more announcements!

Before You Go

We advise you bring cash

Card payments can be taken for drinks at the bar, however all charity activities, including the bake sale and raffle are cash only. There are no cash withdrawal facilities on the premises, so we advise that you bring cash with you to avoid missing out on anything.

Lunch arrangements

We encourage everyone to bring snacks to share in a group picnic. You can also buy a small selection of savoury snacks provided by AFC Wimbledon or get something at the bake sale.

Alternatively, there are some small cafes and a fish & chip shop around the corner where you can have lunch during lunch break.

Check our Charity Opportunities

We are providing you with many opportunities to decrease world suck so please head to our Charity Opportunities page to check them out before you arrive. In particular, we are asking you to bring any unwanted books or clothes with you for us to donate on your behalf. We are also holding a Bake Sale so please help out by bringing something along, this can be homemade or store bought but please provide a list of ingredients for homemade goods.

Don’t forget your ID

As we will have a bar, we will be using a coloured wristband system and will only be able to provide with you an 18+ wristband if you show your ID to us at registration.

The 8th of July 2017

From 10.30am until 10pm (Registration 10am)

Cherry Red Records Stadium
422A Jack Goodchild Way
Kingston Rd
Kingston upon Thames
Greater London

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